Orange Killer® has been designed to make it easier to peel off oranges, grapefruit, pomelo and any other citrus fruit.
Orange Killer® would be useful to everyone as it enables one to peel off even the most ripen fruit without dipping one’s hands in its juice.
Orange Killer® helps to simplify the peeling process and leaves fruit’s pulp undamaged whilst keeping the juice inside. Such result is achieved due to the width of Orange Killer’s® cutting edge approximating the thickness of the average citrus peel.

Directions for use (orange)

- Make a circular cut of the peel of an orange ensuring that the cutting edge of Orange Killer® passes through the stem of the fruit;
- Rotate the orange by 90° and make another circular cut of the peel so that it is split into four equal parts;
- Peel off the four parts which are easily separated from the pulp;
- If necessary, use the other end of Orange Killer® which has a form of a knife to separate off the peel from the stem;
- Split the orange into slices and it is ready to eat.

Directions for use (grapefruit, pomelo)

Follow the steps above to peel off a grapefruit or pomelo. Orange Killer® will also help to remove a thin bitter film from the citrus slices.
To do this, take a slice of grapefruit or pomelo and use the sharp end of Orange Killer® to separate off the film by placing it between the film and the pulp of the fruit.

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